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dominic behan – the recruiting sergeant lyrics


[verse 1]
as i was goin’ down the street, feelin’ fine and larky+o
a recruitin’ sergeant said to me, “now you’d like fine in kharki+o!
the king he is need o’ men, come read his proclamation+o
a life in flanders for ya then, will be a fine vacation+o”

[verse 2]
“that may be so” says i to him, “but tell me, sergeant dearie+o
if i’d a pack stuck on me back do ya think i’d look fine and cheery+o?
you’d make me train and drill until ya had me one of french’s+o
it may be warm in flanders, but it’s draughty in the trenches+o”
[verse 3]
the sergeant swung his wee bit cane, his smile was most provoking+o
he twiddled and twiddled his wee moustache, says he “i know you’re joking+o
the sandbags are so nice and ‘igh, the wind you’d ne’er feel blowing+o”
but i winked at a cailín passin’ by, says i “what if it’s snowing+o?”

[verse 4]
“yet hail or rain or wind or snow, we’re not goin’ out to flanders+o
there’s fightin’ in dublin to be done, let your sergeants and commanders go
let englishmen for england fight, ’tis just about time they started+o”
i wished the sergeant a jolly good night, and there and then we parted+o