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downpresser – two stood last (see you around) lyrics


do whatever fools condemn
the beginning begs the end
hold them up to the light
they don’t shine half as bright
nation of vanity
you want it to be true
i know what you’re all about
this time it’s not all about you

fade into the background
so loud without making a sound
nothing but enemies
just you and me
bury you face down
see you around

worship at the altar of your downfall
sacrifice in blood to the god of your demise
to see you suffer the sword forged upon your hollow words
to see you take what you earned

i guess i’ll see you around

no end in sight but the one i make for you
receive it well and fate may see you through
dream of a time before you knew
that you’re the kind of man who does what you do

fade into the background
so loud without making a sound
seen it before
walk right out the door
never to be found
we won’t see you around

father of your misery
brother to your tragedy
i hope you come to hate
the world that you create
now that it’s too late
i can’t f-cking wait

can’t wait to know what it’s like
to take the light from your life