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dreamwake – sleep cycle lyrics


your touch illuminates the very darkness of deception
i can’t break free of (?) into action

my body hollowed out (?) inside
condemned to medication of my mind
tossing and turning, afraid to open my eyes
you see the art of self destruction

turned so far away
close your eyes to draw me (?)
it doesn’t matter what you say to me
i’m not the person that you seek
(?) tragedy
is all you need to build these walls around you

set fire to your beliefs once again
abandon the world
bend the chains that you saw in me (?)
this temporary purpose, consumed all that’s giving me peace

force fed lies that have kept me awake
another wave of displacency consuming me
’coz you’re still (?) me to the end
abandon the (?) inside my head

bound to the substance of make+believe constructed happiness
why is it so hard to feel
i’m trying to hold on but time just won’t stand still


(i wrote these by ear and some parts are hard to make out, but i did the best i could. please edit if you can make out what i couldn’t)