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dylan the hyper – the monkey lyrics


only gettin views on your hacking vids
so you gotta go and cl!ckbait some little kids
always wearing that same old fedora
trying to be like boots from dora the explora (what?)
what you looking for? what can’t you find?
a good vid idea so you gotta go and copy mine
all you are is a dang monkey
bro, you ain’t even funny
i don’t even like the color red
are you sure man that you don’t wet the bed? (gross)
i don’t even know how to diss or what to do
you, a monkey man go back to the flippin zoo
had to bring all the boys in on the track now
cuz you can’t diss all by yourself you dont know how
heres the thing you can go ahead and try to roast me
where are all the vids that you said that i copied?
got no vid for the day so you took mine
then you try to roast me back, you’re outta line
quit saying you rap like a god church
when it was obvious that your diss track was worse
heard you made a bunch of vids about the diss tracks
cuz you had no good ideas and thats a fact
why did this get more views than that?
cuz it had my vid in it and thats a stat
i get it, you wanna get to the top
but everytime you diss me back you’re gonna flop
so you’re saying that i’m a ricegum wannabe
but you’re only getting views when you’re roasting me
only getting views when you roasting
look at your chan man and we can all agree
keep throwing my name in your t-tles
look i can plug too, merch link in the bio