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e. eclipse – altf4 lyrics


we the best music for real

altf4 i close out
this beat so good, makes me shout
and then i eat some sauerkraut
this beat makes me shout
some might say that i’m rather stout
that’s a good call out
why did you do that?
shoot out my brains, make them go splat
with these horrible lyrics, my +n+lytics might fall flat

[verse 1]
beat sound like george washington made it
you know why you love my music, you can’t escape it
even on spotify, can’t help but to play it
made most this album in just a day it
it wasn’t hard, once i got my start
beat so fat it might be a sin
i’m tryna find it between my third and fourth chin
can’t tell where me head ends and my body starts just like king pin
just robbed a chinese man his name’s probably fricking chin
chin dynasty, better watch out or it’s just spine you’ll see
steer clear of the fear of another fricking year
beethoven made this beat and i find that pretty fricking neat
i got my musket, and the black powder go skeet skeet
me and the homies, and they tickle on my feet
altf4 i close out
this beat so good, makes me shout
then i eat um, sauerkraut
that’s a good fricking call out

d+mn m+ffler, those are some goods chords