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edaigunz – satan pt. 2 lyrics


4 sev 4 sev
it’s that edaigunz n+gga come to ya block for fun shoot sh+t up
4 sev 4 sev
free the pack n+ggas free the risk takers

f+ck berry that dumb lil b+tch
smokin on smelly i mix it with rip (jayrip)
don’t run don’t fall don’t trip
everything dead when we spin through the mitch
spin the pz that car get flipped
don’t run throw holes in that whip
[?] got left in a ditch
f+ck zay he got left at the mitch
hop out bullets hit harder then grabba whole body fall to the ground
we gon hit em clap em spin em he not dead then we turnin around
he got shot in the leg he a clown
rpt mr go over the town
he talk tough when we not around
run in his house now his head in the ground
we gon spin hop out blast em
told bro take one for the trackhawk
we do drills don’t take ya mask off
he got hit he got left with the past lord
if he got it i want it im takin it
he got shot in the head started fakin it
free dthang on the rock he bangin sh+t
he got found in the court on some flagrant sh+t
free my demons that stuck on the rock
come outside better have you a chop
so many opps i don’t know who to pick
mix the naz with jb and jayrip
run into me guarantee ima shoot
spin the rey where the f+ck is c blu
if i see em these bullets go through
rip through his body now he on the news
now he dead
he got caught in his jects them n+ggas they stomped on his head (noah)
how he fled
when i back out my pole im screamin everything dead
if he diss he gon die
talk hot now he up in the sky
new opp and we screamin chii
don’t forget who got turned into za

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