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epic rap battle parodies – carrie white vs fred lyrics


epic rap battle parodies
carrie white

[verse 1: carrie white]
it’s carrie, coming in to beat this brat who can’t swim
you’re scared of christmas, no girl would want your tiny tim
once we are alone, you’ll be drop dead fred
you’re just a whiny little runt, who thinks he has street cred
stop acting like a gangster, when you always lose your meds
it would take some christmas cash to get judy in your bed
your singing notes are somehow dropping faster than your b+lls!
and your voice is so high, i wonder if you have a p+n+s at all

[verse 2: fred]
you seem angry, carrie, is it that time of the month?
i’ll make your ears bleed faster, than your period blood
i bet you didn’t bang tommy, because of your squirrеl aids
a grudge+eyed girl in a prom drеss, am i supposed to be afraid?
you psychopath, i’m known worldwide, i’ll be in your head
i’ll make you go insane when you hear, hey it’s fred!
my rhymes will be burning, like that day at the prom
i’ll whoop you faster, than your religious+crazed mom!
you make me more angry, than that kevin pr+ck
pack your books and leave, i’m the winner people will pick
i’m about done, i have screamed all i can spit
so come on you fake b+tch, get out of the closet!
[verse 3: carrie white]
oh, shut your ass up, don’t you dare bring up my past
i’ve revealed my powers to bring you down at last!
i’ll burn you, electrocute, and rip you in half
better watch out b+tch, i’m releasing my wrath!
i’m a telekinetic mastermind, you’re just a weak kid
i’ll lock your ass up in a cage, just like claudio did
you were warned by me, to not push my limits
but now you must face my evil consequences!

[verse 4: fred]
oh please, carrie, you wouldn’t hurt a fly
i have more movies to produce, so this is goodbye
but i have something to say, before i go
you just got beat by a six year old

who won?
who’s next?
you decide!
epic rap battle parodies

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