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erick sermon – dodge this lyrics


dodge this
(feat. sheek louch)

[intro: sheek louch (rocwilder)]
aiyyo erick sermon bring that in son!
yeah! ha ha ha! yeah! d-block!!! no doubt!
don don! yeah! e double what it do family?! (yo whattup?)
you know i’m a fan right? (same here my dude)
yeah, aight then, that’s you let’s get it son……ahhhhhh!!!

[verse 1: erick sermon]
i bring the rapture like blondie
if hip hop is dead then what am i a zombie?
got media terrorist tryin to bomb me
serm, cut, follow thee like gandhi
from zune to i-tunes i’m bein heard (yep)
erick sermon got shut down never occurred (ummm ummm)
i’m still in the limelight, still bein seen
hoppin out my coupe so i still got cream
still got green, still got steam
i’m hot (uh!) even if they sayin i’m not
y’all exist because of me (yep) i stand out
like a double d breast yet lately i’m so crazy
seventeen with a mercedes, all black
ragtop, the color of spot ya think not?
that was sixteen years ago, dubbed untimely
got 1.6 when def jam signed me
go ‘head rewind me, backtrack what i said (ummm!!)
i’m from the era of lee jeans and pro keds (owwwwwwww!!!!!!)
e dub i’m hot like sauna
i’m the flyest mc in my genre
i must warn ya, word from wallace (ummm!!!)
blame n-gg-s steppin to me get demolished
sheek and i got good grammer, kelsey
ain’t n-body comin hard lately, chelsea

[chorus: erick sermon]
let me see if y’all can (dodge this) if we will bring it man well then you can (dodge this)
lyrically gunfire whenever can ya (dodge this) i’m a say it one more time, can ya (dodge this)

[interlude: sheek louch]
sheek louch!!! don don!yeah! aight then!
i’m goin in my g, let’s go, yeah!

[verse 2: sheek louch]
aiyyo bullets out the wound a n-gg- poppin at you f-gs (yeah!)
pounds of that sour you could smell it through the bags (smell this!)
i don’t bang but my n-gg-s holdin up them flags (whattup!)
coupes comin like, king’s colors with the mag (ah!!!!)
no clientele, you don’t ring no bells (uh uh!)
i’m 9-1-4 i’m more than pete and c.l. (y-o!!!)
my alb-m ‘gon move without no retail
bonds is cocaine don’t cut fishscale
donnie, call me don don silver beat bobby baclin
yeah! n-gg-s don’t know how to act
when i come through that block (yeah!) two door drop (yeah!)
hat to the side (uh huh!) lookin like my pops (aight!!!!)
lump under my shirt, lookin like the glock (i got that!)
i take my shirt off, lookin like the rock (ha ha!)
anuthing i get on you know it’s ‘gon knock (yeah!)
sheek louch and e dub b-tch d-block!!!!

[chorus: erick sermon]
let me see if y’all can (dodge this) if you real playboy maybe you can (dodge this)
lyrically gunfire wherever can ya (dodge this) i’m a say it one more time, can ya (dodge this)

[outro (erick sermon):]
dodge this… this….(can ya) dodge this……..

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