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errxl – saberclip lyrics


[intro: alpha]
then you see the shadow of the profile on the wall, but you dont seem yourself?
so who are you?

[verse 1: errxl]
choke up on a slugger, why you tryna run?
grip on double barrel as they witness both of us (pow!)
oppositions smoked, you can count in blunts
take ’em in a doze, tryna get us in them cuffs
hear the stories in them songs, they ain’t heard of us (nah!)
many stories they have told, they don’t clean off dust
there’s a life which we sold, pay ’em back in blood (argh!)
new found body now be cold, throw it in the mud
lock me in a room, and i’ll break all (break all!)
pull up on you like thеy did on takeoff (takeoff!)
i don’t plan to stop ’till i take all (takе all)
stepped outta shadows ready? mask on! (shhh)

[interlude: alpha]
you really think they care? about you?
about your outrage? they don’t… they don’t… you need to get to the point where nothing moves you from this stage, but you’re errxl…. you will never change

[verse 2: errxl]
motherf+ckers don’t know, how much their coffin cost (cost)
p+ssy rappers stay soft, they’ll get auctioned off (off)
gotta get their heart stopped, and to top it off (off)
music’s all i got so i’ll scratch and cut you off, (cut you off)
i ain’t got much to lose, i went through it all (through it all!)
interruptin breakin’ news, breaking through the wailling wall
what i mean is, i intimidate, it goes for all
intimate hate, won’t stop ’till it’s gone
’till i saber clip a blade
seperate the gauge (agh!)
c+ck it back and aim
’till we out of all the rage
person now has changed
devil took his name
tied him up in chains
and mistook it for his pain b+tch

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