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fattmack - 4l lyrics


aye tears inside my eyes why my heart keep getting denied know my love for you
don’t mean a thing so you can’t come be mine i be dolo in my ride i got no one on my side
i got picture perfect version of us happy somewhere vibin’ happiness
i’m tryna find it missin’ b+tches in designer in my city i’m your highness
heart so cold it changed the climate everyday i wake i’m grindin’
this my life i just rhymin’ i get higher than a pilot now can’t n0body come find me
check me out now i fly private i’m romantic but i’m violent all these hoes might act childish
i’m ducked off with a cougar she got good brain like she a tutor i’m a dog but not no poodle
ken my time but still my shooter i shoot too i ain’t gonna use em
you told me you don’t wanna hear from me for life but you gonna hear me on this mic
i’m gettin’ big i walk on stage and i remember all them times you made me feel like
i wasn’t enough the way you pushed me to the side i’m on drugs but they don’t help
cause i’m at war inside my mind you can’t tell me i ain’t try
it’s money murder murder take the risk and sacrifice i pay every finer price i’m in la with 3 b+tches
i’m still wishin’ you was here wakin’ up and you not under me this sh+t get old as h+ll
pull up brand new christ with no license h+ll cat motor in it say he slid he probably didn’t
pull up coupe the windows tinted motion klan got hoes in different states i seen all kind of women
tryna get away might call her bae and pay my hoe a visit she see money around me
i’m the man but i am not shy glizzy my new hoe havin’ h+lla ass but she ain’t got no titties
h+lla n+ggas claimed they had my back but i know they not with me
i ride round in a all tinted black lack i got a fn with me
you told me you don’t want hear from me for life but you gonna hear me on this mic
you can’t never stop my shine i hope you know this sh+t for life if that n+gga treat you better and more special than alright
drop a song and go to sleep and pray i blow up overnight

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