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fiyablasta – hold it lyrics


verse 1:
oh you thought i wasn’t bout that action
because all of my aggression has been p-ssive
talking smack behind my back like i won’t react
homie, it’s not fine bros caught you slacking
tighten up; your time is up; won’t fight you, but
my mic will cut you like a knife in guts
i’m freddy and jason; predator, alien; and you’re mistaken
you aren’t the hero, you’re nameless and won’t make the end
i’m fed up! so this is the part i don’t let up
i’m speaking my peace
and this piece isn’t peaceful
this piece full of a pieces of mind
don’t try like a piece fully loaded
you’re bogus, you know this, i’m going off
you wanting this beef? make it stroganoff
impostors best knock if off, i’ll waka flocka flame
hard in the paint, if you thought about popping off
(huzzah!) i’m lightyears ahead you
(buzz off) been toying with y’all but
(enough talk) here’s the knuckle sandwich with
(crust off) that a bluff? (naw!)
jesus, please just give me the patience
these reese’s pieces trying to be eminem
deem it feces; pleading cease this
i seen your odds, your dreams can’t even
off of your rocker talking like y’all perf’
calling out y’all jerks: all of ya soft serve
offing your roster, cause y’all props are awkward
don’t match what you feeling at all when we crosswords
and this ain’t a game
so why are you puzzled? i took off the muzzle
so what were you saying?
rumble with a beast and you may end up guzzled
and i think i’d love to

mr. nice guy ain’t so nice
he’s fake; he’s phony on the mic
say it to my face; they think twice
(uh huh, thought so)
heard you didn’t like my style
you think i should throw in the towel
my hard work is simply a pile of
(oh no, no, no, no, no)
thinking that they sl!ck, commenting
about my life and my prerogative
and cause i’m not there to hear all of it
then they (won’t hold it, won’t hold it)
but when i come to confront them
they begin to run or start fronting
even though they were punching b-ttons
they like (whoa hold it, whoa hold it)

verse 2:
now listen here
you can cower in fear
cause your power ain’t near me
i’m furious! (trust me, you don’t want to test me)
crowds will just cheer
when i plow and i shear
through my cowardly peers
and i’m serious! (enough of your wanton pestering)
here i come! (and what?)
hear them go (w-ssup!)
you foolish! i ain’t stupid; hating on what i’m pursuing
but what are youuuu doing?
move, trick! get out my way
got something to say
then here is the place for your opening statement
if you have no case, then go and chase pavements
your next mistake may be the gravest


verse 3:
shots fired!
i’m ready and willing to take out opponents
i’ll break them down to their atomic components
your protons, neutrons, and electrons don’t want it
that’s why they’re shaking in their boots
i’m j-o-h-n booth
and they ain’t bulletproof
and honest to abe, man, i’m spitting the truth
these haters all talk and can’t take out a tooth
and this menace a dentist like “oh mama”
you suckas suddenly seymour drama
you feed that seed of hate and your slaughter
may be the outcome; maybe you ought to
reconsider who you throwing litter on
and getting bitter on, cause don’t get me wrong
but i know you hear me k!ll this song
and you aren’t dear to me like venison
ain’t incorrect if it’s hitting home