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z poorman – different time zone ft. abcde lyrics


enter, enter, enter, enter knowledgetik
enter, enter, enter, enter, enter knowledgetik
knowledgetik baby
enter, enter, enter knowledgetik
enter, enter, enter, enter knowledgetik

yeah, uh
yeah yeah, uh
z, uh
abcde, uh
let ’em know

verse 1 (abcde)

i’m muhammad ali
pac, and miyagi
when i’m on beat
making you sweat like you popped a molly
all in all i drop ya jaw
can’t get y’all off
stop the talking
i am working like y’all installed me
poppin’ off
i’m talking all this knowledge y’all need
i’m aristotle with a shotgun that’s c-cked and on me
ready to shoot this infinite truth into your body
step into the booth
you in a group
i’m an army
i am godly
yin yang wasabi
flow natural like water
y’all bottled up like dasani
y’all see me online but cannot call me
all my convo’s are private
like obama and romney
i’m osama i’m hiding
far beyond where you thought we’d
ever be i been in this game since the day’s of atari
i am a futuristic robot so you call me ??
5 you cannot harm me why because you aren’t me

hook x1

they try to reach me but i know that they won’t
you know why cuz i’m far away in a different time zone
i-i-i-i never check the clock cuz i know that it’s slow-ow-ow
and they try to reach me but i know that they won’t
because i’m just too far gone in a different time zone

verse 2 (z poorman)

if it offends
i meant it one hundred percent
lies only stretch so far
before they start to bend
truth is infinite
in the booth brewing the physics
move with it
few who listen won’t be fooled by vision
newest edition
told to be only superst-tion
shoot and you miss him
the vengeance will be a cruel infliction
you wish you is him
then when you is you’ll wish you isn’t
shoes too big to fit in
the crew illicit but dudes i fit wit
i move to dismiss these rappers from their existence
can’t be farther from their position
the zone i’m in is different
when i go and my soul is lifted
leave my sole to imprint
this image so that you all will witness my dawn of ascension
headed to start up an intercontinental connection
full of my brethren on the streets and fresh outta corrections
i felt i owed it to myself to drop a solid record
so with no further ado i give to you knowledgetik

hook x1

tick tock, tick tock
tick tock, tick tock
tick tock, tick tock
tick tock, tick tock
look in to my eye and tell me what you see

verse 3 (abcde)

you probably see a rapper
back from the past time traveling like i’m back to
the future the movie combined with nasa
i’m an astronaut with a p-ssed of tragic ??
dance in matter of time i splatter thus rhymes
on the canvas that’s why i’m a master
i’m back to pack up my bag stats the rapper
this rap abcde has to be back in action

verse4 (z poorman)
back with crack
fanatics and addicts erratic
back to cl-ss
and practice advanced calculus mathematics
flip and spin the planet backwards on it’s axis when we set the standards
just so these rappers actually have to haul -ss to catch us
combative strategy
plan attack with the pack i lead
don’t have a strap
but nowadays i feel like packin’ heat
unknown to beef
but feel that people have it out for me
won’t tell you what it is
i’ll show you what it’s bout ta be

hook x1