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for today – the king lyrics


the king

“the greatest need of the hour is for our eyes to be opened.” – [corey russell]

“we need to know god.” – [arthur katz]

“that one man could suffer a few short hours on that cross and save a mult-tude of men from an eternity in h-ll because that one man is more valuable than all of them put together.” – [paul washer]

“he’s the creator of the heavens and the earth, he’s the holy one of israel, the living god.” – [arthur katz]

“christ, he remains the message, he remains the standard. there is no other purpose for my life, but to follow him (…because that one man…) and to make him known” – [bill johnson]
“…was worth more than all of them (put together)” – [paul washer]

“he is yahweh in the flesh, he is the eternal one, the divine, pre-eminent son of god from everlasting, through him the worlds were made.” – [corey russell]

“he took our sins by emptying himself, by taking our suffering and our sin and our h-ll.” – [billy graham]

“the lord is with me, i will not be afraid. what could mere mortals do to me? we are untouchable, we have nothing to fear.” – [micah wood]



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