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foxwithguns - mystic drip zone lyrics


[verse 1]
i feel like sonic ’cause i’m sick
i’m bubonic and i’m quick
never pause ’cause the money don’t quit
ooh, look at me and your boo
i’m gonna need a dinner reservation for two

[verse 2]
i’m semi, i stay automatic
craving speed like i’m an addict
money add, and i stack it
multiply these mathematics
i’d rather not get in the semantics
me and the clique, we get up to some antics!

[verse 3]
get that money fast like there’s a sonic on my wallet
economics majorly rocking that major straight from college
got it and immediately i had money on the brain
nearly culinary ’cause all this dough is insane

[bridge 1]
do you have the right time old man?
seven in hawaii, and two in j+pan
don’t get fooled, for this was their plan!
hawaii is 19 hours behind j+pan
[chorus 1]
i’m a ghost! oooooh!!!
i’m gonna need a dinner reservation for two
who are youu???
i’m john whick from john whick: chapter 2
i’m thinking i’m back and this will be fun
do you want a war? or to give me a gun?
i don’t know who you arreee!
i cannot hear you because i am far

[verse 4]
hyped up like sonic on 72 pills of adderall
i’m flowing on this beat like i’m a waterfall
wait! got a date at eight
gotta make it quick
or else i’ll be late
i’m the director, you’re a disaster
you move quick but sonic is faster

[verse 5]
i’m ostensibly the best!
i’m… just… simply the best!
robbed a store, and now i’m under arrest!
but i’ll break free, because i’m a pest
you can’t contain me! i’m much to sick!
break through the bars
and i’m john whick
the president called, i’m his number one
k!lling some guys and i need a gun
[bridge 2]
i’m a phantom! wwweeeee!!!!
i’m gonna need a reservation for three
john whick is annoying meeeeeee
john whick from john whick: chapter 3
i’m thinking i’m back, once again

hack this track like i’m russian
i’m not fluent, but here’s a sentence for ya

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