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ghost of vroom – let up lyrics


case dismissed—dismissed, dismissed
knock it off your list
na, na, nebula
to the car
to the mat
super fat
love faker
drunk trucker
philip rucker
see you when i see you, f+cker!

swilling royal jelly, bucky pizzarelli
xans, mangosteens and rambutans
oscar built a better man
breaking up is hard to do
quatre+vignt dix+huit; elizabeth blue

are you gonna let up?
when you gonna let up?

(sample of radio preacher)
send a message to h+ll
take this letter to the other side
and compromising documents
carried on a hidden drive

trouble is as trouble does
what it is, what it was
black lodge, juug and flodge
sleeping in a stolen dodge
filter, low in tar
gifted and you’re going far
murder bee, k!ller car
e+d a+n+g+e+r

are you gonna let up?
when you gonna let up?

(negativland sample: “one two stupid! three four dumb! five six idiotic! seven eight seat+b+sate!”)

(halo benders sample: “treat me even better, make a movie, mail a letter, you’re so groovy”)

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