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henry gross – foreverland lyrics


well we live in an uncertain world
trains can jump the tracks
questions lead to questions now
no one knows the facts
well there ain’t no doubt ’bout me and you
no shred of maybe here
though it’s hard to see the runway lights
our destination’s clear

we’re heading to foreverland
when you put your hand in mine
suddenly two broken hearts
beat in perfect time

’cause we live inside each other’s thoughts
and the ties that bind are strong
and we cover for each other now
even when we’re wrong

shadows dance around us now
when we’re walking side by side
but no matter what the moonlight brings
no need to run and hide

rhyme and reason disappear
there’s not a lot you can count on
when you’re following a shooting star
and suddenly it’s gone

still you can’t deny a miracle
though it’s hard to understand
so we close our eyes and fly away
to foreverland

to foreverland