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index case – know the sleep lyrics


forgiving, forgetting us
forgiving, forgetting us
forgiving, forgetting us
forgiving + is giving up

please don’t you cry
why would you try
say and touch murder?
i just need to know you’re mine

i need to know, i need to know
you’re forgetting us
only writes across the sky
you’re forgetting us
and you know the sleep to die

please but please comfort all the streets of my heart
i can’t stand without your hand that was there from the start
stay with me tonight on the wreck of the curse
i need to know that you’re fine, i would die for remorse

it’s in their eyes

free your night light and keep the day
time has knife of words to say
slay your tongue but keep your еyes
into sheets of why we lie
you liе!
you’re f+cking dead to me now

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