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itchy poopzkid – she said lyrics


when i look back at these last couple of years
and the girl by my side i can hardly believe it
she knows what she wants and she’s looking so fine
i can call myself happy that i made her mine

i even like the idea that she may be the one
heaven on earth and the choir is starting to hum

when i look back how i wasted my time
what the h-ll was i thinking or was i just blind
at a time when i could have had anyone
i left off with this guy and he gets nothing done

stupid as h-ll having no clue what life is about
how can he always be smiling while i’m freaking out

get yourself a life
get a gun, get a knife
she said

get out of my way
get the f-ck out of my face
she said she’s on the run
she said she’s gonna run so

set me straight – whatcha want, whatcha gonna do now
set my straight – get it outta my head
let’s not wait – before i lose all control
it’s better now than tomorrow she said

it feels even better than i thought it would
every moment i’m with him is ruined for good
although different persons, we’re almost the same
if i cut my heart out only he is to blame

i have been wondering for years when it will become due
i made up my mind, on my knees i will speak out to you