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j4mxo – ​​criminal lover lyrics


the numbers, what do they mean?

[verse 1: j4mxo]
chuck my heart like glass, so original
[?] like a criminal
three beats in, you’re deep, it’s your lovers
i really thought that we’re for each other
drugs on the floor, sparkles everywhere
[?], we weren’t born here
scars all on her, i’ma show you i don’t care
locked up my heart so please don’t go in there

[verse 2: hauntingclaire]
[?] in disguise, i can’t take it anymore
breaking up my heart and drop my body on the floor
tell me that you lovе me, tell me that you need mе
scream for me and, baby, you can’t repeat it
hrt ’cause i wanna be so pretty
murder suicide, yeah tonight, you’re comin’ with me
baby, gimme more, got me feelin’ like i’m britney
fired on the spot, bullets through me, about fifteen

[verse 3: j4mxo]
bullet on the floor, bangers in the air
i can see your joy on your face when i stare
chemical spreadin’ on your face, i don’t care
told you that i loved you but no love is in here

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