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jae-r – when it all falls down lyrics


[verse 1]
locked doors, no free rides
they never gave me sh-t
no seatbelt, when we ride
not to be ignorant, but i wanna be free, wanna be free
f-ck all that simple sh-t, i wanna be me, wanna be me
won’t you go try that for a change, little rapper?
mister ‘i don’t know who i am’
mister ‘i follow styles and flows all day
simply cause i can, got d-mn’
punchlines like holyfield
holy sh-t, blasphemy
mama didn’t raise no fool, poppa told me ‘son, blast for me’
i pimp the words, i pimp the lines, baby girl get that cash for me
dip low, dip low, suck it off good ’till your lips go dry
she said ‘are you coming or leaving? won’t you f-cking decide?’
i told her ‘after i’m coming, i’m leaving’, no reason, but at least no lies

break it down, let it all fall down, baby
you the best when it all falls down, baby
when it all falls down
when it all falls down

[verse 2]
i like my seat low, my beat banging
my favorite gorgeous lady, so high my feet dangling
my backseat empty, cause i can put my life in these words
or put my life in some bird
and watch my dreams fly away, that’s when it’s way too late to reverse
so i stay prepared and rehe-rs-d
to every line she has thinking i’m disconnected
she said ‘we don’t need protection’, but baby i came protected
when i say we hit it off, i mean that we hit it off
on the balcony naked
you’re a big girl so you should take it
when i serve it, when i serve it
i tear it off, you bare it all
you take it like a champ
yeah, that’s perfect, yeah, that’s perfect
at your doorstep heavy
horsepower like a mustang or a corvette
when she speeds up, it’s deadly, it’s deadly