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jaheim – jah’s seed (interlude) lyrics


jah wutz up baby?
aint nothin wutz goin on, man?
playa, where you on ya way to?
im goin to tha hospital, son.
why, whatz wrong wit chu?
naw, mah shawty jus had a seed dude.
oh, iight iight, congratulations baby, you live on.
ya know wut i’m sayin. it slow out here, we aint doin nothin.
we roll wit chu.
naw, naw. cuz u no she jus had tha baby.
too much pressue on a mom, ya know?
man, we aint tryna botha her anywayz.
i dont think they got anymore p-sses anywayz…
we sneak in than…
ya, ya
i know tha security gaurd up at tha front desk, u know?
lets get it poppin man.
hold on, so why u tryna act like u dont wan us goin up there?
let go see ya seed man.

take this cigar, man.
where he at, which wun is it jah? where he at?
he right there.
which wun?
tha wun right there?
hol up i aint gl-sses on, i cant see tha name.
yo… that lil baby in there yella.
wit tha red hair?
ya dawg.
that aint cha baby.
man, u know how babys be. it take a lil time, man.
he gonna look like me.
you got played!