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james keelaghan – you know me lyrics


[verse 1]
you know me, i’m the one
who’s always got something to say
i’ll talk the ear off anyone
i love a good turn of phrase
you say h+llo, i can’t respond
words turn to pebbles on my tongue
i can’t describe the way i feel
a word from you and i’m struck dumb

[verse 2]
you know me, i’m the one
who likes a clear line of sight
to see from where the morning rises
to where the sun sinks at night
you arrive upon the scene
landscapes turn to portraits and i find
i can’t take my eyes off you
except for you i might as well go blind


touch and smell, hearing, speaking
seeing is believing, guess that’s true
all my senses, straining and relentless
reaching out to swallow
[verse 3]
you know me, i’m the one
who can’t leave anything to chance
i’s are dotted, t’s are crossed
every bit of paper in my hand
you step up, my best laid plans
gone, like so much chaff upon the wind
touched by you, they don’t seem much
you’re the place i sense i should begin

you know me, i’m the one

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