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kyzo kidd – bridges burn lyrics


part i

oh+oh, oh+oh, oh
oh+oh, oh+oh, oh+oh, oh+oh, oh+oh

and if i said that i love you, then girl, i said that i love you
but you the type to make a n+gga go out his f+ckin’ brain
and i’m stuck to you, i’m tryna change my ways
i’m seein’ different than you, i see that you’re stuck the same
you burned all of your bridges and then you watched them burn
that’s when you learn from them
your feet don’t hurt, you stomped on my heart and you
you caused hurt that earned concerned words come to me when you see the world don’t turn first for you
some things don’t go unnoticed (no+no+no)
i try to roll the blunt to purposely lose my focus
and i can’t keep up, like, baby, just slow your motion
she told me “bae, don’t worry” (uh, yeah)
in the cut with ya’
shе don’t want sh+t from me but the lovin’, ah
but i’m so f+cked up
yеah, we so f+cked up (love, love, love)
(so f+cked up)
i told her we both f+cked up, that’s why it won’t work
that’s when you realize bridges burn (so f+cked up)
love’s a burden, but it’s also a blessing
i guess two things can be true at once

part ii

sometimes i wonder if i die, who gon’ cry for me?
or who gon’ pretend like they cared when they ain’t ride for me
it don’t take eyes to see everybody blind to me
but i’m alive and breathin’, god keep his eye on me
somehow they got both eyes on me
when i don’t speak, they want a reaction from me
now i’m speakin’ on things i ain’t believe, no such thing
i had some false reality, now i want everything, but i’ma leave it up to the king
oh, hold up, leave me alone, i don’t need no holdups
i ain’t grown, but i’m gettin’ older
in the cold, and it gets colder
you feel alone? (oo+oo+ooh)
do you feel alone?
have you ever felt alone before?
i know some n+ggas that ain’t never knew a home before
this for my n+ggas that’s alone, you know

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