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jayonetime - need lyrics


love is something that i can’t quit
but solo is so demanding
tryna’ manage, but life never seems to go quite how i planned it
taking chances with the idea of tryna’ get back with that same chick
the hardest thing is sh+t you can’t change
when you still thinking you can change it
and you was way more than a main chick
that’s something i could not explain since
waking up and waiting for the day you hit me up and say
“i’m just playin’ witcha’, just playin’ witcha'”
life been looking like a bad joke
cause i got a dad, now my dad don’t
that’s why i’m going back to when we had hope
heart past broke
been an assh0l+
my guard supposed to be up now
i ain’t tryna’ let no one in like it’s three feet from the touchdown
can’t f+ck around
no lovin’ round herе
been through that chapter already
since wе finished now, you can admit it now
you wasn’t ready for me when you said it
and no shame to ya’
all love for ya’
been prayin’ for ya, shed blood for ya’
shed tears for ya’, you can run from it
but i’m here for ya’ if you want something
if you need someone
if you ever trust yourself thinkin’ you could
thinking you could need someone
everything you wanted
i just want to be
you can say you need me
you can say you need me
everything you wanted
i just want to be
said, everything you wanted

this might be the hardest thing that i ever do with my emotions
crazy that the closest people to you
always seem to be the culprits
that hopeless
state of mind that you got me in breaking my focus
i’m chokin’, at the old days
tryna’ keep you from getting my soul sick
and part of me hopes that you notice it
i was way too opened up with no defense
on that new sh+t
now i’m losin’ you, that’s probably something that i won’t attempt
but i’m tempted
it’s just that there’s way too many women playin’ games now
i don’t even think that half of them
could just imagine themselves stayin’ down
and i know that we so young
but i ain’t tryna’ waste life playin’ round
we couldn’t imagine anybody better for us
why the f+ck you wanna change it now
i’m not a n+gga with a bank account
and i’m probably missin’ ’bout a hundred credits but
i’m that brotha’ who admitted he loved you
’bout half a second before you said it
somehow i got impressions that you meant it
we was
always pushin’ independence
and i
always felt what you were thinkin’
girl you never really had to press the message
i probably chain smoke in my depression
i probably never stop asking you questions
i probably profit off of my own misery
and get a couple record labels checkin’ it
who you protectin’
when you go and get something so good
and then go and start second guessing it
i been reflectin’ on everything
flippin’ perspectives
and just tryna’ get some acceptance with it baby
but why we gotta do it that way
why you gotta act like you ain’t ready
f+ckin’ sh+t up that’s been growin’ steady
you wanted
i just want to be
you can say you need me
you can say you need me
everything you wanted
i just want to be
said everything you wanted

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