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jojo (7) – yo soul lyrics


the cheese is melting, the cheese is melting down her hands
no one’s helping, no family nor her friends
grooving h-ll in, but the devil k!lls the dance
leave with the falcons.. man, she never had a chance

all because of me, momma doesn’t see
her own blood to often, me who caused it possibly
so i’m outside, south side town life
all white kids right across the block about to fight
i’m in that store
i was knocking on the door, i was looking like i’m poor
sh-t didn’t mean a thing for a little jojo
except for momma only having a photo
of her grandkids, as memorial
for a fam that got torn in fall
sisters never waited for the birth to go and call
some of my cousins i don’t know at all
some say the closest friend has the best potential to be an enemy
but the family tree is not how it’ll ever be
and the question is if i will ever see
not, if this is how it has to be

i just need a treehouse, right against the beach
where me as a man, my kids and wife will be
my mom and stepdad in heaven, my real dad never met him
the world is simply an armaggedon. (2x)