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jon fratelli – after a while lyrics


[verse 1]
tears they will cry, hallelujahs will ring
sparks they will fly, but you won’t feel a thing
this too shall p-ss, let your guard down a while
put on your wedding dress and let’s go out in style

lift up your eyes, dance this last dance
and we’ll sing goodbye

take all those promises we couldn’t keep
kiss them sweetly and sing them to sleep
blow out these candles but please do not weep
i’ll see you after a while

[verse 2]
suns they will set, lovers, they still will sigh
all of these daydreams will wave you goodbye
hold out your hand, take whatever you please
how can you love when you’re down on your knees?

burn this disguise, wipe those blue eyes
and we’ll say goodbye

take all those innocent plans that you made
those bittersweet days in that lonesome parade
nothing you spoke here was ever betrayed
i’ll see you after a while

call off the search for that perfect reveal
those hollywood moments that felt so surreal
i know that you kept up your side of the deal
but i couldn’t salute so i learned how to kneel
please don’t forget we were once just as real
and i’ll see you after a while