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joshiguess – you’re the worst lyrics


got all these thoughts in my mind but i’m just gonna fantasize
i’m never satisfied enough to try yeah
so i let things fly yeah yeah yeah yeah
i gave her the world but she gave back the universe
now it’s destroyed just like it’s all a repeated curse yeah
you’re the f+cking worst yeah yeah yeah yeah

inside these boggles
i got on these goggles
to shiеld from these models
and all of what’s in my еyes yeah
you only shield to ride
like you did last night
yeah yeah yeah

but it wasn’t with me
that b+tch did me dirty
should’ve been known that she always was one for the f+cking streets
but i just can’t believe that she felt complete
she opposing teams (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
i cope with the pain she be grinding that thing on me
but it’s hard to feel when i can’t take it literally
i’m left bittersweet
but i guess she makes up for it with inner sweet

was that tmi to put it all in there
just like i used to, sh+t i just spilled the beans
now she’ll make a scene
and she only hits me back up once i’m 18
how f+cking ironic get me out your dream
i will never commit to your b+tch ass again
and i’m sorry but i can’t ever be your friend
you said on your life you won’t leave but you left
now you left me upset
didn’t wanna be apart
but i should’ve known from the start
f+cked it up for me one time
came back to apologize
but i can see right through your stupid lieeees
i been waiting for u all niiiight
walkin in like u got sum 2 hide

and i’ve been down this road before
i would kick u out the door cus i gotta stay composed

what i tried to know
is what i’ve been told
but i know it’s wrong
im not where you belong

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