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joshua morata – memory lyrics


i swear i’ll change this time
i know you must’ve heard me sing it out a hundred times
in many different ways and many different lines
it must be easy for you hearing loving you was a crime
now i’ve lived this life never being your friend
i don’t want to die knowing i was your enemy
you wrote your page and burned it away
i burned mine, and i regret it everyday
i’m not lonely, but sometimes i still feel alone
yeah i’m not lonely, ’cause i know she’ll be waiting for me at home

i don’t want to live in a memory
my lungs are dragging through and through
you’ll be far away eventually
’cause when i’m gone, she’ll be the one i knew

it’s time that i came out from hiding
maybe i should just come clean
i know i’ll wash away the memory
’cause she’s been really good to me
you’ve been sleeping my yourself, now
living far from all the nonsense
i’ve been feeling low for so, so long
one look at her and my mind’s intact

i don’t wanna live in your memory
we’ve made it through to the morning
we’ve made it through all the cold, dark nights
we’ve made it through to the morning