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justin freeman – warm up lyrics


first things first understand i’m the goat, don’t you ever forget

2nd on the list, understand i’m the truth, don’t be afraid to admit

i know it’s been a lot of days and your boy’s been away for long time, and the doubts were created in your mind, but it’s cool, you about to know exactly where i been at


in this i go
gifted rhyme flow

christmas time, do this with my eyes closed

you’re about to take a trip inside of the vicious mind of a twisted psycho

i’m not one of these
simple guys
thats’ll sit and wine
on their instalive
holding picket signs
feeling p-ssed inside
that they didn’t sign

wondering when it’s my go

the game is wrong but imma steer them like how the british drive rides

cool, run it
i got smoke for you if you want it
flow go the dumbest
you better back up, bad plumbing
you about to take a big plummet
in the belly of the beast, have you sitting the stomach
in the race that we running
i already made to the peak and the summit
if you’re trying to compete, keep running
you’ll never best me, never catch me wait

done ever test me
tech is messy, shake

like epilepsy, etch a sketching, take

the beat and k!ll it effortless, hey

i’m show them there’s a different
being on top’s a prediction
that’s in the simpsons
i don’t care if all i’m hearing is nas, because it was written


second verse:

switching my cadence
give me 5, feels like i made it
admit it guys simply i’m greatest
semi vibrating
keep the peace in me like a hippie guy faded
that’s for anybody sitting by hating
a dude’ll die more than kenny died, if he try banging
i got plenty time really i waiting
bro, this ain’t the ellen show, i ain’t diddy, you ain’t penny wise waiting
ya’ll ain’t clowns that i really find dangerous

look, im a god of gods
a phenomenon
i’m to rap what marvel is to comic con
i’m like hammurabi with haagen dazs, that means that i’m cold, i’m an avalanche
should be common know-ledge
that i’m among
the best to ever spit, y’all don’t wanna call and f-ing spade a spade, that is like muhammad with papa johns during ramadan

believe that
i don’t say it to say homie i mean that
told you freeman ain’t leaving told you be back
hope he strapped, the macs, having them lean back
when it’s over it’s over it ain’t a rematch
so many legends and kings wish i can bring back
the best thing a league im gonna be that
and look i’m selling them dope, where all the feinds at
imma bring back, that feel

i need y’all respect
we are the vets
i’m the god in flesh
please talk correct, or i’ll
beat y’all to death
your body left red, don’t respond to text

so we all suggest
you ease off the threats
extreme loss of breath
the least y’all expect
take a leap off a jet
and free fall for connect
i’ll send you to the same place where detox was left