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k.p. (rap) – life lyrics


sorrow hatred
daily news with its latest
this life is f-cked up and i feel stuck and my will is breaking
i’m hooked on weed .. to suppress my mind
i’m filled with pills my body’s chilled i might just die this time

please believe me…
your all that i need…
baby please..

my eyes are gettin drowsy
my thoughts are fraying thin
i’m bout to loose my mind
drink down my pain with all this gin

for people who know me
know my soul has been slane
i’d give everything i have
to just remove these chains
i’m lost without it its costly and riddled with pain
homicidal loose maniacs putting body’s on trains
m-ss murderin never heard of him strikes in vain
scene in sane
blood all over and he’s just not the same

its 3am and my cause is n0ble this bottle of soco
is sinking me in the couch and now my heart beat is so slow
seeing in slow mo i grab my clip and aim it oh so
slightly despite thee this people wanna come fight me oh no

i’m so lost
vision blurred
you’ve hit my last nerve
now i’mma give you all that you deserve

its so real
real as can be
this deathly hollow grip has come to take a hold of me
loosinn his sanity
pills bottles on his vanity
can it be what i see
are these demons grabbing hold of me
i think if i was an angel
i would just fall to h-ll
cuz god has asked for my redemption and i straight rebel

a bottle of xanex 50 bucks worth a perc-ssets
this high that i feel exploding quick within my chest
equip me with lasers send me to f-cking sp-ce
i’m here to enslave an murder the whole alien race

you donno how my life is
or how deep this knife is
but i feel it and its goin deeper and i like it
my blood is running the demons are comings and god gunnin
he doesn’t what to do
so he murders the whole school
including his puppy’s two
this n-gga is sick and s-d-stic he feels no pain
h-ll grab his hatchet murdering slurping and derpin on your f-ckin brains

and when i see you face i wanna close my eyes
i hope to god that these pills they quickly dont subside
he wants to run away but hes to scared to try
hes waiting patiently in his bas-m-nt until he dies