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k.p. (rap) – swing my way (remix) lyrics


[hook: envyi]
shawty swing my way
sure look good to me
now would you please swing my way
shawty swing my way

[verse 1: envyi]
ooh wee boy
do you know the joy
i feel the second i see
your eyes, i’m hypnotized
and wise to the games you’re playing with me
the lies you tell
see envyi knows the deal
well, it’s irrelevant tonight
cause boy you’re so fly
c’mon and swing by
and baby we can set it off

[repeat hook x2]

[verse 2: envyi]
heard through a friend
that you have been
with someone for close to 10 months
and i don’t know why
you told me a lie
cause i don’t really give a…
tonight it’s me and you
so what you wanna do
i plan on making you mine
i know you broke up last night
so swing on by
and baby we can set it off

[repeat hook x2]

[verse 3: k.p.]
you think that you can put it down like me?
k.p. another type playa from the c-a-p
e-r-z fresh
i’m a ghetto superstar
yes yes, test
and you’ll get broken down
and i love your chocolate brown
but when i told my folks in town
they said i better keep it safe and sound
set it out
set it up
so right
too tough
cheap lies
sl!ckest alibis
in your eyes i can call your bluff
cause i really don’t mind
cause tonight’s the night that you’re gonna be mine
and i plan on reclaiming my throne
since you wanna swing on by
through thick and thin
from beginning to end
and in the middle when i felt your change
i already knew where you been
but you did it again
and you come around acting strange
but for goodness sakes
it’s no hearts to break
so later on we gon’ set this straight
and you can stick and move
but you just wanna pop pop and shake shake shake
and we can make it alright
unplug the phone and turn on the red light
so fly, give me a natural high
and i’m ready just to bust on sight
so fast, too slow
to the wall, to the floor
k.p. next to envyi, remixed by carl mo

[bridge: envyi]
i’ll hold you tight all throughout the night
anything that you want, i’ll keep it crunk
boy you’re gonna see how good it can be
just come to me ohh (x2)

[outro: envyi]
swing it over here
swing it over here, ohh yeah (till fade)