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k zeus, king blaine – stephen a. smith (freestyle) lyrics


this whole song came to me in my dreams
i don’t know i was battle rapping somebody
and i kept saying stephen a smith
king blaine k zeus
(i actually woke up remembered the bars)
if you better than me they say do it again
stay of the weed
(this how this song came about yooooo)
i feel like stephen a smith
balling you can call me stephen naismith
debating all the latest i feel like the greatest
i got the first take like it’s first on they playlist
we the dream tеam baby go and check the ratings
suit and tie fly as i talk to thе nation
i used to go to war with mister drip bayless
carried champions but man i was favored
now i’m really mister count stacks
it’s unfortunate we couldn’t push it to the max
but i got a baddie queen that be the host molly
looking like a molly welcome to the party
they know it’s me when i walk into the lobby
chilling with the goats at super bowls is my hobby
a superstar i put the brand on my back
always speak my mind unapologetically black
i give my opinion but i also spit facts
helped my bro who be off the milds and the yak
n0body like shannon sharp with the cannon
club shay shay on the rise like we just planned it
espn that’s just stephen a’s world
where i check fools that hate on stephen a’s
no better feeling than retiring my momma
now i do it big like the late big poppa
i feel like stephen a smith
balling you can call me stephen naismith
sitting court side there no debating
if you don’t like me man you just hating
who the goat i feel like stephan a smith
you know she real bad she on stephen a’s list
balling you can call me stephen naismith
suit and tie fly i’m on my stephen a smith
stephen a smith that’s a certified rizz boy
king blaine k zeus ima certified rizz boy
rizz ain’t that just short for charisma
depression made me so charismatic
my aura so intoxicating
put in work build your presence
and you can be a certified too

stephen a the og put some respect on his name
i feel like stephen a smith
balling feeling like stephen naismith

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