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kai erebus – scum lyrics


[chorus: fifty grand & kai erebus]
you said the mountains make you nervous
cause when you’re gone they’ll still be around
and if everything has purpose
why am i ten feet high above the ground
not coming down?
i might run away again
oh my god
you won’t say my name again
oh my god

[verse: kai erebus]
i can’t react cause i’m always too numb
i read your signs but i’m just a scum
i don’t know where we’ve even begun
but you can’t force it, you can’t ignore it
don’t want sweetness
i want silence
i want beauty
i want focus
redwood forest
i want a chorus of angels to take my hands
and lead me somewhere safe

[outro: kai erebus]
i’ll escape
i’m on the way
till then i’ll change
and break (2x)

all for you
all for you
all for you
all for you (2x)