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kenny diaz – pirates of new york lyrics


kenny diaz ft. pirates of new york + “pirates of new york”
[emcee(s): anthony cruz (aka a+b+tta)]
[producer(s): kenny diaz]

[verse 1: anthony cruz (aka a+b+tta)]
coke and
cointreau, hippopotamus nostrils
blowing hydro smoke sweeter than cilantro
dg to bronx by my pro, i know
iguana on my coat, boats in mexico
with tijuana hoes, i’m loco, muchacho
mud pots, yo, touch crops and watch ‘em grow
blossom, blow awesome—don’t start none. a man
apart, dun, vin diesel with diesel fluid
sneak+peak preview, you weasels are stupid
believe me, we’re ruling, genghis khan conquerors
a menace, a monarch, a craftsman with tools
we’re carpenters, dark+winged harbingers
spark things that are monsterous, armed
plus dangerous and deadly, plush rainbow
bentley, aim slow, steady, precise, we’re nice
strike like wtc. hashboy

[interlude 1: anthony cruz (aka a+b+tta)]
caribbean. matter of fact, caribbean, cortez, diaz, cruz. keep it flowing. drama

[verse 2: anthony cruz (aka a+b+tta)]
i insist, phonetically schizophrenic
i throw rhyming fits, designer kicks
dimes with hips the size of pirate ships
i’m a trip. we play with words that heal
minds like a psychiatrist. doctoral degrees
move resonance units, architectural
blueprints, we’re new, swift. “who’s this?”
you may ignorantly ask as your life flashes
past your ignoramus ass, have your strategy
mapped out, centennials with bicen+
+tennial gats out

[interlude 2: anthony cruz (aka a+b+tta)]
hashboy, cortez, diaz, cruz (anthony, please). this sh+t keeps flowing

[verse 3: anthony cruz (aka a+b+tta)]
call my clique
clan of the lotus. we’re focused, no hocus pocus
we’re real and we’ll get ferocious if provoked
sure ‘nough, blow stuff. slow your
roll, duck, roll up. woah, what’s up?
we snuff h0m+ thugs, oh so bugged, hug
jumbo snubs, bust monosyllable
style for jimmy neutron heads, hoes give me slimmy
on futon beds, break crouton breads
who want waves? yeah, we’ll be there. it’s a w
w affair, motherf+cker (why not?)

[interlude 3: anthony cruz (aka a+b+tta)]
pirates of the caribbean, boricua, cortez, diaz, cruz (anthony), keep it flowing. we’re ransacking y’all ships for gold treasure. johnny depp beards and mustaches. yo, keep it flowing. yo, yo, ken, don’t stop that. i got something else

[verse 4: anthony cruz (aka a+b+tta)]
from buddha, pt cruisers, green+tea pumas
we’re too new for you, bust big guns
you’re stuck with bb shooters, we sign lucrative
deals, major paper, xerox status
acres in asia, tear blocks up savage
way above your average, a+plus+plus, stay
above the cusp. knuckleheads, think twice ‘fore
f+cking with us, drink while the ice clinks, eyes of
a sphinx, tiger+print minx, jaw+dropping
this campaign orange chakra, we’re champagne+popping
c+cky as johnny cochran, modern+marvel men
flow like aquaman plus slay more
need we say more?