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kndrk – fix of dopamine lyrics


i look around me now and what is it i see
people devoid of life who live within a screen
i ask them where they’re going they just look at me
they don’t really understand the minority

please come out, i’m ready
escape now, accept me

we’re all scared of livin’ too afraid to be
so we just drift through life, content with apathy
trapped inside our minds, by our own self+esteem
we wait for our next fix, a fix of dopamine

please come out, of your sleep
awake now, release me

release me
release me
release me

shut them off, break the wall
don’t look back he’ll k!ll us all
take a breath, take it deep
look around what do you see
avoid the lights, they’re everywhere
enjoy the dreams that fill your head
feel the earth, beneath your feet
see the poison in the street
hear the truth, hear the lies
hear the songs that make you cry
shut it down, k!ll the disease
save me now please release me

release me
release me
release me