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kill the con man - living in the way lyrics


kicked to the curb by police told to get the f+ck away
a pariah left to live in disgrace
the problems of society on display
a scapegoat for a lie that no one will face

commodify and privatize what i need to survive
money from misery, their wealth made with our sacrifice

we’re just one day away
everything can change in a split second
we’re just one day away
nothing is permanent, everything can end

i’m living in the way
i’m living in the way

people lose their lives in our f+cking streets
slowly dying on cold concrete

victims of greed above, an unintended consequence
they would rather watch us die than admit this all needs to change
privilege and ignorance standing in the way
forcing people out of their community
weaponizing cruelty while sanitizing everything

living in the way
living in the way
imposed life of misery

collateral damage in the war on poor people

day by day, nothings, changed
the problems we face are still in place

it’s not the system it’s the person that they blame

until we change this, until it all ends, we all share the blame

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