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king gizzard & the lizard wizard – horology (live in utrecht ’19) lyrics


[verse 1]
once upon a time
there was a great hermit dominion
veiled from inside and out
ruled by a lone eremite
bringer of an inferno
conduit to satan himself
to tchort, abaddon, and set
a demented figurehead
heinous looking thing, he was
cold and terrible
a long and aquiline nose
between swelling temples
his green eyes, a window
to the ninth circle of h+ll
a tiny neck supporting a head
filled with an unbending desolation

[chorus 1]
seditious bands storm the bastion
alive with revenge
grand intentions
unbeknownst protomartyrs
with impalement
[verse 2]
just like that the plot was crushed
brushed away without a thought
some were found alive, though
left to roam without their skin
cauterized and blistering
forever marked for all to see
reminding those who think dissent
is a bridge across the sea
one did make a pilgrimage
in search of a family
evaporated in the dark
stolen by the despot
a journey made all the worse
having had his eyes gouged
he left without the gift of sight
to face his true destroyer

[chorus 2]
across the land he walked with death
parading his ossuary
upon reaching the castle walls
a twist of fate, his mind baulks

sit down weary traveler
i am that what you seek
join me in a meal
to hear of my repentance
lift the veil from your eyes
and look beyond the three
now you know the truth behind:
it’s tetrachromacy
thank you!

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