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king hurst – venom lyrics


b-tch ima teach you a lesson
ima just bring out the weapons
yo girl real thick , she a blessing
i beat the kitty, domestic
she on her knees like i’m jesus
i tear there whole team to pieces
eat on her p-ssy like resses
n-gga can’t f-ck with the demon
n-ggas is scared of a menace
how long my drip it is endless
beat on the p-ssy like viking
b-tches like me cause im piping
like i said b-tch i’m a menace
hitting again like its tennis
f-ck a jail here’s you sentence
no one can handle the venom

count up my payment
b-tch i am famous
secret like agent
i am not taken
you are a loser
just like abuser
h-rny like cougar
ride them like scooter

you are intruder , stealing my stuff
n-ggas are hating but it’s not enough
if you are scared just know that i’m tough
if you are scared, it can get rough

i f-ck yo b-tch and i take her to france
just like lil uzi i’m just hitting my dance
n-ggas are hating just give me the crown
n-ggas be hating they looking like clowns
count my feta my like x
i do not care i just flex
f-ck a schedule , here’s your test
no one can handle the venom