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kvtheartist – poke it out freestyle lyrics


junkies gone off the lean can’t love these b+tches
they green clout, drug, money chasing
all you n+ggas some feigns trapped out
the same fit for 3 days so f+ck what you seen
this that raw rap real facts f+ck do you mean?
f+ck you mean i ain’t hottest walk around
like i got it tunnel vision with my mission
and n0body could stop it
tell the migos ima take off
where the f+ck is my rocket?
got the whole world waiting
like “yo kam when you dropping?”
kam when you dropping why you ask
is you coppin? real feel real so you know
that we locked in
aye stop it switch the flow up
im knowing that ima blow up
ain’t got no other choices it’s destined
f+ck it let’s go up
you know what?
i know bruh these bars so brazy
got you hearing sh+t and thinking
do she really go crazy?
well if i’m being honest i promise that
i’m the hardest realist in this b+tch regardless
so problems you better solve em or walk around
cause n+ggas already know how i get down
lost dog em if i solve em tell them n+ggas check the pound