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youngboy never broke again – let ’em kno lyrics


sh+t got busy in the club, you trippin
vip section, we leaning off [?]
blowing doja, i’m snapping it up
with a bad b+tch screaming “age don’t matter”
rolling [?]
hollos make him twist like [?]
[?] him in the lobby
b+tches up in the room that we met up in the lobby
[?] his motherf+cking partner
nba [?] they strapped with that rocket
[?] hit him with the shotty
[?] out my [?]
[?] be on that boss sh+t
i say the word, they put them in coffins
stick up the party, we having the options
i know [?] coming if a n+gga call him
benjamans [?] going in
they don’t got no vision, they don’t got no mind
so i wouldn’t wanna be them
walk in the [?] pursuing my dreams
n+gga be selling no dreams
seen a million dollars in my dreams
counting up, it’s a money machine
out the bottle, i’m sipping that lean
say that i’m selfish, say that i’m c+cky
nce i up, they gon’ up right behind me
nba [?] we riding with hittas, you don’t want no problems, n+gga
you don’t want no problems, n+gga
broke ass n+gga, ain’t getting no money
write a couple songs, and he think he did something
in the yo getting it in, ’cause i know them m’s coming
never had sh+t, all a n+gga know is hustle
feel like your partner don’t care about nothing
cut a n+gga off [?] like he [?]
[?] full of drugs, but i know he on point
don’t got no father, i’m no n+gga’s son
re+up 100 [?]
sip by myself, i just need me a 1
all black coat, look like i’m from london
say she from georgia, she a headhunter
i don’t cut no corners, you know how i’m coming
[?] ain’t ’bout nothing
you go to school, that sh+t ain’t ’bout nothing
had to stop thuggin, and make that sh+t better
no money, no shows, this sh+t ain’t no better
that’s for yourself, not for me, n+gga
[?] no n+gga
f+ck n+gga be trippin, stay out my business
day 1 brother, i know that he with me
stay with extentions, up it, ain’t missing
came a long way, but we still on a mission
he play with his nose, so i can’t f+ck with [?]
nba gang, i’m shooting [?]
know that they watching, i’m screaming “f+ck 12”
i f+ck with [?], you know that we [?]

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