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lazer dim 700 – laced max (max stream 5) lyrics


when we get done, they gon’ play this back
i thought fine sh+t wanted me, but she wanted max
i can kick my feet up now, i can really relax
she gon’ f+ck the gang for free, we ain’t gotta pull out stacks
and my drip be out yo’ league, i just put on black
and i’m really drunk, i can catch the vibe
if she ain’t gon’ f+ck, she can step aside
max hit the blunt two times, now he h+lla high
i ain’t gon’ lie, i peer+pressured him, just a little
every time i won’t message you, i just pull up on you
anytime you push up on me, stop saying what you gon’ do
why the h+ll you goin’ to trunk? why yo’ fire ain’t on you
why i lеt max and them get me drunk, i don’t еven drink
is you really with me? i shouldn’t have to think
snaked out everybody, we like, “what you gain?”
she think she can stay high, she can raise a cane
it’s hard for me to fall in love, i’m like major payne
i hear sirens, look above, i see nun but rain
florida zaza got me geeked, got me out my brain
she tryna act like she ain’t no freak, fine sh+t actin’ lame
know we slidin’ seven deep, better get out the way
i go viral every week, they just like my face
i got blue hunnids on me, i’m at max place
i’m tapped in with that twitch, this ain’t mysp+ce
this a airbnb, this ain’t my place
i do shows every week, every friday

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