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leach – can’t follow me lyrics


settle like your father when your father win the game
hotter than the lava and i’m flowin’ in your way
probably all messed up with the problem at the bottom cause i got another, k!ll him and i’m pickin’ up the brain

k!llin’ off they cousins, i’ma put ’em in the maze
can not begin to wonder why my life is very strange
sellin’ the k!ller then hopin’ i’m the one to wing and they can off, undercover when they burning, motherf+cking rage

i don’t feel, i’m ghetto when i make ’em, i’m an animal
turn a motherf+cker round and run him with a tentacle
never will i siphon, i be flowin’ like i want it, i’ma get it off of people off the side and might not pride ’em all

sinnin’, bringin’ venom, every wicket, i’ma sling it
and i send ’em to the grave and then i’m dripping off of buried liquid
really wanna get ’em, and they always sh+t so play ’em
with the focus, i’ma k!ll it and they better not be ready

i will lynch ya when i made it, i’ma bet that when i see it
i’ma feel ya, make you feel it every time i get ’em really
finna drip and it’s so vicious, all this sauce and when i get it in
everything, never be, hearing, never wait

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