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leed – potus freestyle lyrics


rapping about it don’t make you a shooter
drowning in drip like i’m using a scuba
aye man the hole is so big on the ruger
that from a distance it look like a tuba
remember i walked in bodega with two bucks
i want a threesome but i can’t give two f#cks
shot at ya og since you wanna talk tough
you wanna see your big homie just look up
used to be broke but a n#gga done woke up
she wanna wear my right hand as a choker
i run the country just like i’m the potus
i hate you n#ggas just like i’m the potus
he wanted beef and we turned him to cold cuts
my b#tch is thick and her body is robust
i’ll let you be bro you ain’t got no buzz
his bud is trash cause the leaf got no fuzz
fan walking up to me
“aye are you leed, bro?”
gave me a hug and i don’t even know cuz
he said he sorry he just got excited
cause he bump my sh#t from the morning until night come
my b#tch is brown and she thick like a bison
you wanna try it then you got the right one
you is a garden snake my slime a python
i bring the hoes out i might as well pipe one
walk in with that stick
got that lava on my hip
ain’t no car note on my whip
paid that b#tch off i don’t trip
this ain’t a movie i’m rolling the clip
this ain’t a roach but i’m smoking the clip
feel like houdini i’m playing some tricks
move wit the 9 when i’m out in the 6

in msg sitting court#side
he missed and he shot like four times
he said i ran but the b#tch lying
i shot right back now his bro dying
in san francisco with four nines
careful when i’m crossing state lines
i’m selling work so my kids fine
not another black man doing state time