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leo lauretti & taygeto feat. giovanna bianchi – find my own lyrics


[verse 1]
in the dark
since you’ve been gone
fading sp+ces
where i don’t belong

been away
just to feel numb
different places
trying to get lost

but then you are again
making me feel the same
but i don’t want it anymore

now my feelings changed
and i don’t feel the same
oh, something is different

since you’ve been gone
felt like i’d lost my own
but feelings change and oh
that’s when you can find your home
since you’ve been gone
felt like i‘d lost all hopes
but now i see it all
i just had to find my own

(find my own)
(find my own)
(find my own)
(find my own)

i just had to find my own

things are not the same
i can feel the change
some things go away
so you can feel whole again