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leviathan (usa) - angel of death lyrics


hey there, my friend, i see you lay dying
your poor wife is gone and your ten kids are crying
come sit by my bed, i’ll tell you a story
the angel of death was searching for glory

about two months ago, he came for my wife
rode in with the wind and left with her life
a robber is he, a stealer of lives
i’ll wait for that thief and to his surprise
i’ll cut off his head and look in his eyes
to laugh at his fate as he slowly dies

come sit here with me, friend, until dead of night
thе angel of death will soon be in sight
hе rides in on blackness but swifter than light
i’ll get my revenge, you’ll see if i’m right

as i awoke, i saw it was day
the room i was in was lurid and gray
i looked at my friend, so lifeless and gory
the angel of death had harvested glory, harvested glory

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