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lil chromozome – parental issues lyrics


+parents arguing+
i have such a stable family. can you hear them being so romantical?

[verse 1]
sometimes i feel alone
my parents aren’t down to bone
they’re screaming and creaming uns+xually
maybe they don’t feel the same
maybe they think the other is lame
they need to spice things up before things get bad
so i should go down there
and convince them to share
another person in the relationship

i walk down the stairs and to thе kitchen
i see my parents and they’rе still b+tchin
i tell them my idea and they look at me and say

what the f+ck kinda idea is that!?
that sh+t sounds so f+cking whack!
then he proceeded to beat me with a belt!
my booty started to melt!
next he grabbed me by the back of my head!
then he proceeded to smash my head into the table till i was dead!
but then he resurrected me and said, “you ain’t dying yet!”
get back upstairs you stupid f+ck!
your ideas completely suck!
go back to playing fortnite you stupid f+ggot!
or go sh+g it!
[verse 2]
i started to cry from the beating
i decided to lay in bed and ignore the zoom meeting
but it was for school so my parents got an email
oh no
my dad got p+ssed yet again and came upstairs
now he had a knife and my mom didn’t care
he stabbed me in the arm and i screamed in agony!
+stab+ +stab+ +stab+
ahhhhhh! dad please! please! i’m sowwy!
you missed your zoom meeting! you’re gonna die!
+proceeds to get stabbed to death+

god, i finally k!lled him. about time
+succulent noises+
oh that was straight fire on the track!
look at me when i talk to you!

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