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lil e (gbe) – promise lyrics


i’m making a promise to my cuz/friend that i was not gonna wear gloves for my rit looks like the grits bad b-tch bout to
have a fit ima have it nice and easy nigga i see these no shows flottin around like birds that wasn’t heard i’m gonna make something really back happen longest i staying here man seven ain’t ut it should not happen at all i know my niggas back home
ima do things that’s not right ima shoot somebody in there nee cap hang em by the eyes shoot em in his mouth i’m f-cking my girl
up a storm nigga things gonna happen i’m letting those foney niggas know what i’ve seen, what the f-ck i been through, nigga doing krazy things but i’m just keeping a promise, i’m just keeping a promise i said i wasn’t gonna donit i ain’t gonna do it cause things bout to be happing nigga i need a break get me some water like a barter or carter slayin darter cause niggas i ain’t cool wit dey ain’t gonna come back looking for me they heard what i’ve done saw photos of what i’ve done now it’s up to them to keep dis promise but i know they can keep one cause some of em be snitching everytime i be like just die in overtime floating on a boat witch is weird to be possible so it ain’t something to look at they gonna see what happens to niggas who be
snitching they gonna get k!lled they said keep this promise to duck boy and f-ck girl cause combined is duck loves to f-ck

lil shorty you ain’t feeling me i’m ballin while rihanna stuntin pluck lucking
and she pill suckin i’m like michael from gta i’m rich as f-ck
no nigga can keep a promise in virginia only my niggas in baltimore they been the it
seance day 1 but when days is over ima let all my niggas in baltimore meet some of my new niggas
in wasteland i can eat my girl’s pussy like a monster i can be famous as an imposter but lil nigga i ain’t
a wanna be cause shorty i’m flaming up everyday i’m just holding it in nigga it’s lots of hot b-tches i want like
hayley kiyko, tiffany tanner, etc. i’m still walking but i’m still talkin lil nigga