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lil goblin – decline lyrics


(lil reesecup)
lil goblin on the beat

i know we not family, but you calling me daddy
i need your -ss now because you got a fatty
we meant to be, f-ck the streets, middle finger swinging f-ck the police
(yea yea)
i was there for you, and now you there for me
wait hold up, one more thing to say
life time is hard time but me and you will grind
i know you come first, but i keep money on my mind
but like the moon they’ll never shine
life getting shorter we out of time
feel like kobe without the prime
her friend tries to call i press decline

decline, decline

decline, decline

(dre guap)
i-i-i done bossed up and i flex cause i changed on em
i ain’t the same person
f-ck school ion learn from lessons
i need them diamonds with the bezel
color changing like a fruit pebble
hopped in the car and i’m stompin on the pedal
all this rap shit b-tch yea i need a medal
or i need a trophy
i got bout 3 hoes but we keepin shit lowkey