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lil wop – quiet place lyrics


chasethemoney, chasethemoney
wop, ugh
wop, aye, aye, aye
it’s wop

today, i might pop the percocet and i ain’t eat (it’s wop, yeah)
wockhardt and no qualitest, that blood is all i drink (aye)
wopster might come in yo dream, so, b-tch, don’t go to sleep (b-tch)
i stay in my coffin ’til it’s time for me to eat (aye, it’s wop, it’s wop)
it was me, had your b-tch all on her knees (lil wh-r-)
took your b-tch and then i flipped her (yeah), i f-ck that b-tch to sleep (aye)
i ate out that ho heart (yeah), and now there’s blood up on the sheets (yeah)
i got tattoos on my face (yeah), i’m with some hoes attract to me (aye, lil wh-r-s)
wannabe, aye (yeah), your gas tank on e, aye (hah)
i stick in your key two times and crank two times, hit one b-tton and i flee (aye, lil wh-r-)
i heard you payed her for that p-ssy (yeah), wopster f-ck for free (hah, yeah)
she say, “lil wopster, you h-ll on earth”, know i can’t keep the peace (aye, it’s wop, it’s wop)
ric flair, aye, let me have the head like ric flair (splash)
rockin’ rick owens, i got all pairs (owens)
only wear that sh-t once like it’s gym wear (it’s wop, aye)
[?] wearin’ swimwear (b-tch, wop)