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limes xo – bad news lyrics



vibe engine

jiggy boy limes

woo, yeah, woo, yeah, woo

when i wake by 6, give praise to allah
for his good grace and watch on my clan  (pow, pow)
we all slept, we was dead or alive
the opps slept, then we burned them (alive )
and the whole block watched how we copped this ends
it’s bad news if you not this gang
we came through with shank and the skengs (tututu)
we came through to scatter his head
who’s that’s bad man talking bout goals
he’s a skit man talk about jokes
don’t have exs man i have hoes
ain’t playing games ain’t no tic tac toe
time going by like tic tic
down on my wrist yunno it’s froze
time going by like tic tic
down on my wrist yunno it’s froze

who’s that younger cutting my flow
who’s my icon pretty boy do (i’m the n++ga with the wave)
who’s santi, my jiggy my goal (double i)
will i ever stop, man only god knows

your mandem capped and we capped his head
i’ll get booze while you mourn the dead

feed him the skeng and fill him lead
your mandem tried and your mandem dead

mans number 1 but my flow number 9 am attacker
move with the web and the sling peterparker
on my wande coal flow na bumper to bumper
step in my shoes if e sure your father
men your father your father
shank this man like lager lager
drink my beer na lager